March 2020 has been a most unusual and unpredictable month.  Little did we know how the world would change in a very short time.   We are all “in shelter at home” and just trying to make it through the day.  But our essential workers–health care professionals, grocery store employees, pharmacy employees, truck drivers and other who must go to work every day–deserve a huge thank you.  We are so appreciative of what they are doing to make the world work. 
Mollie’s War started the month with 8 presentations but due to the coronavirus, we were only able to deliver 2 of them.   First we traveled to Tinley Park where we met other Baby Boomers whose mothers and fathers served in WWII.   Then we traveled to Savanna, IL, a beautiful town on the Mississippi River.   It was a lovely weekend and we explored the town and even walked into Iowa.     The presentation was in the Historical Museum which is under construction.  We met many interesting people including a man who talked about how he trained soldiers to fire guns and re-assemble the guns–and it was a definite problem when they lost the parts and couldn’t re-assemble  the gun–something that Mollie talks about in a video .  The museum director took me upstairs so that I could learn about an Illinois woman–Jennie Hodgers who dressed as a man–Albert Cashier during the Civil War……now I have an Illinois connection about women who dressed as men in order to serve.