Well, another Veterans Day/Month in a pandemic has completed. Although with the availability of vaccines and booster shots, this time has been very different. We were able to bring Mollie’s War to organizations both on Zoom and in-person. Zoom or webinars are always unique when people are muted and not showing in boxes–it is difficult to access reactions. Going back to in-person presentations was a wonderful experience! The groups that I spoke with were so engaging and enthusiastic. I really missed the interaction of live audiences and the interchange of talking with people. We met one WWII Veteran who was 98 and served in the same vicinity as Mollie and another man who bemoaned the fact that he never made it out of the USA. We met several women who served in the military one as a nurse just after WWII and continued serving for many years afterwards. We also met several other women who served after WWII. There are so few WWII Veterans still attending my presentations that I always enjoy meeting the men and women who kept our country safe as well as everyone else who attends. There are so many people who are just interested in history. Everyone has such unique experiences!